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Junior Award Presentation Posters 2023

Mohammed AnwarInfectious uveitis audit at Belfast health and social care trust from 2019-2023.


Ruqaiyah Behanwala - Improving timeliness of angiography and anti-VEGF injection administration in patients with wet active AMD.


Upamanyu Leo Chanda - Ocular sarcoidosis as a rare immune-related adverse effect of nivolumab therapy.


Chung Shen CheanSevere keratopathy and limbal stem cell deficiency in autoimmune polyendocrinopathy candidiasis ectodermal dystrophy.


Ahmad Khalifa - Barriers to using an ophthalmoscope by junior doctors outside ophthalmology clinics.


Youstina Metry - Ocular impact of traumatic brain injury.


Durray Nayab Ali AAI in the emergency eye clinic: can we optimize the investigative pathway for patients presenting in ARC?


Sara Sarhadhi Amyloidosis resulting in visual loss.


Akshay Sehgal - A rare clinical presentation of hyperviscosity syndrome.


Mitchell Titley - Diabetic neuropathy: Retinal biomarkers of peripheral disease. WINNER