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exe-teamThe MOS was established in 1911.

The MOS Executive Committee has a President, Secretaries and a Treasurer.

The President is usually appointed for a one year term. The President may be  an Ophthalmologist chosen from Birmingham or from the wider Midlands.

Secretaries are appointed for a three year term and one is an Ophthalmologist in Birmingham and another based in the wider Midlands.

The appointed Treasurer is an Ophthalmologist in post for a longer period for logistical reasons.

Executive committee

President : Mr John Deutsch

Secretary : Miss Juliette Edwards

Secretary : Miss Susan Mollan

Treasurer : Mrs Rosemary Robinson

President ex Officio : Mr Jalil Al-Ibrahim

President Elect : Miss Helen Palmer

The Society is unique as it covers a vast area stretching from Nottingham to Northampton and includes Leicester, Oxford and Cambridge. It spans as far West as Hereford too.