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MOS Meeting 11th June 2021: Bringing the Dark Arts into the Light

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Part 1 of 4: The many faces of Paediatric Ophthalmology - A Hogwarts Express guide

Sponsor slide exhibition

Introduction by MOS President, Miss G Thurai

i) An approach to examining the child, Mr A Ghauri

ii) Cornea, Mr A Barua

iii) Cataract, Mr M Parulekar

iv) Oculoplastics, Miss K Tambe

vi) Glaucoma, Mr J Abbott

Panel discussion, chaired by Miss G Thurai and Miss T Kipioti

Sponsor Presentations, Altacor and Aspire


Part 2 of 4: Hocus Focus on Paediatric Retina

Sponsor slide exhibition

i) Principles of genetic testing with relevance to paediatric eye related conditions, Dr D Williams

ii) Regional paediatric VR experience, Mr A Sharma

iii) Overview of delivering a regional paediatric retinal service, Mr J Ainsworth

iv) Updates in ROP withn focus on the regional ROP network, changes in treatment and screening, Miss S Painter

Panel discussion, chaired by Mr J Ainsworth and Miss S Painter

Sponsor Presentations, Santen, Scope, Visufarma, Thea


Part 3 of 4: On call conundrums - A Muggle's guide for the non-paediatric ophthalmologist

Sponsor slide exhibition

i) The role of our orthoptists, Mrs A Stanley

ii) Red eye quiz, Mr P Watts

iii) Orbital cellulitis, Miss A Joseph

iv) An approach to abusive head trauma, Mr P Watts

Panel discussion, chaired by Mr P Watts and Miss A Joseph


Part 4 of 4: Transfiguring out Paediatric Neuro-ophthalmology

Sponsor slide exhibition

i) An update on Paediatric Neuro-ophthalmology, Ms S Anwar Bhatti

ii) Junior Case Presentations:

a) Staying local, I Jawaid

b) Common things are common ... but rare things happen too!, C Lim

c) Getting PIcKy, D Nair

d) Recurrent oculomotor nerve palsy, S Parida

e) Going up or down?, O Qadir

f) The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, E Zopounidou

g) Hidden in plain sight, T Makanjuola

MOS information, MOS Secretariat, Miss J Edwards

Announcement of Junior Case Presentation Winners, MOS President, Miss G Thurai


Music: Fantasy Overture by Shane Ivers -