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MOS Meeting 7th October 2022: Cornea in the Eye of the Beholder

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Part 1 of 4

Junior Award Posters & Sponsor slide exhibition

Cornea Part 1 of 4: The cornea from a refractive surgeon's point of view, chaired by Mr A Barua

i) Introduction to the Cornea in Refractive Surgery, Mr A Barua

ii) Navigating the cornea when offering refractive lens surgery, Mr T Jenyon

iii) How age affects what is offered in Refractive Surgery, Mr M Nanavaty - NOT AVAILABLE

College Update, Prof S Kaye

Cornea Part 2 of 4: The cornea from the oculoplastic point of view, chaired by Mrs P Mehta

i) The interaction between the eyelid and the cornea; when it doesn't work so well, Mrs P Mehta

ii) The role of the CL in corneal disease when the eyelids are to blame, M R Desai and Mrs S Blackmore-Wright


Part 2 of 4

Junior Award Posters & Sponsor slide exhibition

Cornea Part 3 of 4: The cornea from the paediatric point of view, chaired by Mr AJ Ghauri

i) An overview of corneal paediatric conditions we should all know about, Mr AJ Ghauri

ii) An overview of contact lenses in hospital practice, Dr W Illahi

Cornea part 4 of 4: The cornea from the glaucoma point of view, Mr I Masood

A unique insight into the challenges faced by glaucoma teams when faced with corneal disease, Mr I Masood


Part 3 of 4

Junior Award Posters & Sponsor slide exhibition

Junior Prize Presentations 2022 - Clinical and Academic: chaired by Ms R Morjaria and Miss J Edwards

1. Sam Aryee Incidence and prevalence of recurrent corneal erosion syndrome in London, UK – CLINICAL 
2. Adam Bharmal Preserflo MicroShunt in patients with prior trabeculectomy: A case series – CLINICAL
3. Monisha Edirisooriya Bilateral multifocal central serous retinopathy due to management of metastatic melanoma with BRAF/MEK inhibitors: A case report – CLINICAL - NOT AVAILABLE
4. Li Yen Goh Management of a complex cornea-scleral penetrating injury complicated by a long vertical upper and lower eyelid laceration – CLINICAL - NOT AVAILABLE
5. Aprajita Sinha 12-months outcome data on safety & efficacy of Trabecular Bypass Stent surgery with Hydrus Microstent from a large DGH hospital – ACADEMIC
6. Mark Thaller The Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension prospective cohort maternal health study: evaluation of the impact of pregnancy on outcomes - ACADEMIC
7. Nawani Wickramaratne The role of immunotherapy in primary intraocular lymphoma (PIOL) - CLINICAL
Presentations by past junior award winners - Dr L Low academic winner 2019, Dr S Chalishazar clinical winner 2021, Dr G Sachdeva academic winner 2021


Part 4 of 4

Junior Award Posters & Sponsor slide exhibition

Introduction of Middlemore Lecturer, Ms M Tsaloumas

Middlemore Lecture: "Reasons to be Cheerful", Miss H Palmer

MOS AGM, MOS Secretary, Mrs H Sharma and MOS Treasurer, Miss V Sood

Announcement of Winners of Junior Prizes 2022

Presentation of thanks to Mr T Sharma, MOS past secretary, Mr A Murray

Inauguration of next MOS President, Mr J Abbott


Music: Back to cool by Shane Ivers -